Our Academy

Welcome to The Ferns Primary Academy, which is sponsored by Northern Education Trust.

At The Ferns Primary Academy we are preparing our pupils with the skills for the future. We want our pupils to be rounded citizens who use their imagination, intuition and have the passion to do whatever they set their minds to.

With support from Northern Education Trust, Governor and parents my staff and I are committed to fostering a community of caring learners and to providing an academic curriculum that develops a broad knowledge base with a commitment to basic skills. We use the key skills of Enterprise (innovation, teamwork, leadership, creativity, financial literacy, decision making and positive attitude) to instill a ?Can Do!? attitude in all of our pupils. We encourage critical and creative thinking within a challenging and supportive environment which develops individuals as both independent and collaborative learners.

At The Ferns Primary Academy we talk pride in the pursuit of excellence for all as well as ensuring that everyone is valued and all differences are celebrated.


Northern Education Trust one academy rule
?Every student and adult is expected to behave in a responsible manner, both to themselves and to others, showing consideration, courtesy and respect for other people at all times.?

We have high expectations of all of our pupils and believe that each individual has a vast range of qualities that we need to develop. We use the new national curriculum as the basis of our own curriculum, making it suit the needs of our children. Our rich curriculum provides opportunities beyond the classroom and local community and gives our pupils a firm foundation for learning. We foster a love of reading and provide our pupils with rich texts and a vibrant environment. We use Pie Corbett strategies to develop a love of storytelling and a love of literature. We promote high level thinking and use Kagan strategies to promote collaboration. High level thinking, questioning and investigation are key to the environments that we want to create in our school and we use IT (Ipads and laptops) in learning every day to support SOLE (self-organised learning environments), where we believe our children are motivated to learn. This is complimented by a bespoke music programme where every child in our school is part of a music activity on a weekly basis supported by Bolton Music Service specialist teachers. Our Early Years pupils learn movement, dance and singing. KS1 violin and singing and KS1 recorder, brass, ukulele and steel drums. This is celebrated by performances to the school and its community.

We also use specialist sports coaches to ensure that our pupils are learning basic skills in sport, teamwork and are able to take part in competitions, as well as understanding the importance of keeping fit and making the right choices.

At The Ferns Primary Academy it is expected that every pupil will strive zealously to fulfil his or her unique potential, while also acting as a worthy member of the School community. We promote a supportive environment where pupils feel determined to do their best at all times, and where both effort and achievement are warmly acknowledged. We want our children to be the best that they can be at whatever they choose to do.

James Howard