Ethos & Values

Our Vision

From little Ferns Big Ferns grow. We do it together and work as a team

Reach our potential
Never give up

We want our children to learn to value themselves and to have self-confidence, a high self-esteem, and self-worth.

At The Ferns Primary Academy we want to make learning irresistible.

Mission Statement

We want our children to be confident, independent, well mannered, have a sense of pride and be good citizens. We want them to work hard and to value education as being the thing that will help them reach for the stars and do whatever they want to do. We want to broaden their horizons at local, national and international levels. We want them to value themselves and each other and to have a Can Do attitude.

We want our children to explore and enjoy life from other cultures and to understand what it is like to be a multi cultural society. We want our children at The Ferns Academy to smile every minute, embrace every day and overcome every challenge that comes their way. We want to give the children the skills they need for lifelong learning goals.

We want to work closely with parents and develop an open dialogue to help support every individual child reach their true potential.

How we are going to do this:

Pupil guarantee

Develop Good Citizens
Every child will have a clear picture of behaviour system and consequences
Every child will be encouraged to take a role within their classroom and within the life of the school
Every child will respect one anothers religious beliefs and culture
Every child will be given the opportunity to travel at local, national or international level
Every child will be able to say why it's good to be me
Every child will be encouraged to have a positive attitude
Every child will contribute to a fund raising activity
Every child will know how to lead a healthy life style

Ignite Learning
Every child will be confident competent uses of ICT
Every child will have lessons that are taught which are good and outstanding
Every child will have rich texts to develop their love of reading
Every child will have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument
Every child will be able to present something to the whole school
Every child will have the opportunity to learn a language
Every child will have the opportunity to attend an extra curricular club
Every child will have the opportunity to develop the skills of enterprise teamwork, leadership, innovation, risk taking, negotiation, effective communication, problem solving

Learning Values
Every child will be encouraged to be a team player
Every child will be taught to be a resilient learner
Every child will value their education
Every child will understand their own personal responsibilities
Every child will respect differences in opinion, appearances, gender and backgrounds
Every child will learn the value of honesty and justice
Every child will respect and value the beauty of nature, animals and their world around them
Every child will know what it is to be a good friend
Every child will know the importance of punctuality and attendance