Local Governing Board Portfolio Remit and Overview

Role of Portfolio Holders:

  • Working with the Academy Leadership Team lead person, to understand the need and monitor, support and challenge the pace of improvement in designated portfolio area
  • Report to the Local Governing Board on progress, intervention and impact in designated area:

Portfolio Remit

Portfolio Holder

Academy Leadership Team Link

Key documentation / evidence

Leadership and Management

Mr Steven Dale

Adele Young

Danielle Broadbent

Sophie Boswell ? EYFS & Y1

John Broadbent ? Y2 &Y3

Emma Holland ? Y4,5&6

  • Senior Leadership and staffing structure
  • Senior roles and responsibilities
  • Impact on improving proportion of good & better senior/curriculum leaders
  • Appropriate sections of SEF and Academy Improvement Plan
  • Profile of quality of teaching by academy, subject and by individual
  • Professional development priorities and CPD programme ?for all staff and individuals
  • Impact on improving proportion of good & better teaching evidenced by subject and individual
  • Appropriate sections of SEF and Academy Improvement Plan

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Mrs Sara Cain

Michael Trott ? Maths

Adele Young ? Data

Sophie Boswell ? Reading

Danielle Broadbent - Writing

All subject leaders

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare (Safeguarding)

Mr Michael Goddard

Ms Salome Botchorishvili

Michelle Hough ? Attendance

Debra Wharton ? Child Protection/Safeguarding

Danielle Broadbent ? SEN and LAC

John Broadbent ? Online safety

  • Historic and current attendance & PA trends for all and by group
  • Week by week and half-termly impact on rates of attendance / PA
  • Rates of exclusion and week on week impact on key offenders
  • Tangible evidence for monitoring behaviour & improved climate for learning
  • Appropriate sections of SEF and Academy Improvement Plan

Achievement and Standards including

Primary Liaison and transition

Mrs Kerry Leach

Adele Young ? Data

Shelley Kurtianyk ? Transition

All subject leaders

  • RAISEonline and Inspection Dashboard
  • Academy?s own results analysis and identification of key priorities
  • Predicted outcomes & how we can be assured accuracy ? whole school and by subject
  • In year monitoring of impact in all years
  • Appropriate sections of SEF and Academy Improvement Plan
  • Primary numbers and historical trends
  • Transition details and programme
  • Survey results of stakeholders, parents, staff, students and pupils
  • Local regeneration strategic plan
  • List of wards and their boundaries
  • Analysis data of where the children are from in the wards and the levels of key indicators of areas of deprivation
  • List of partnerships [business, commerce and community organisations etc] linked with the academy
  • List of bridging or link courses in further education or with alternative providers
  • List of grants and community pots that the academy can access for the community
  • Minutes of any PTA/Friends groups of the Academy


Miss Sophie Boswell

Sallyann Andrew /Michelle Hough? PTFA

Emma Holland ? Pupil Voice

Michael Trott ? Enterprise

Rebecca Goddard ? Spiritual & Cultural

Lauren Roberts ? Ecology & Environment

Alison Dale ? Finance

Debra Wharton- Admissions


Mr Paul Cheers

Alison Dale

  • NET Financial regulations
  • Latest budget papers and position against Audit and Risk expectation
  • Internal / External Audit and management response