Key Stage One

In Key Stage 1 children will be taught to understand how algorithms are implemented as programs on digital devices. They will create and debug their own simple programmes using logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs. We will teach them to recognise common uses of information technology beyond school and create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content. Children will be taught to use these technologies safely and respectfully, ensuring their personal information is kept private but also who to contact if they are concerned about content on the internet or other online technologies.

Year 1

Autumn Term
We are collectors?

Spring Term
We are treasure hunters?
We are TV Chefs?
We are celebrating?

Summer Term
We are painters?
We are storytellers?

Year 2

Autumn Term
We are zoologists.
We are detectives.

Spring Term
We are researchers.
We are game?testers.

Summer Term
We are farmer.
We are photographers.?