At The Ferns Primary Academy, we make a promise to immerse our children in the arts. Children from Reception to year 5 learn to sing and play musical instruments throughout the year. To fulfil this promise we work very closely with the music service. We have specialist teachers teaching our children to sing, play recorder, violin, brass ukulele. When children reach year 6 they have then experienced a number of musical instruments and can then choose an instrument that they would like to take further.

At the end of each term the children play their instruments to an audience. At the end of the year there is an opportunity to perform in whole school music performance.

Early years/ Year 1
In Reception and Year 1 the children participate in vocal training.

Year 2

In year 2 children learn to play the violin.( Autumn & Spring Term)

Year 3
In year 3 children learn to play the Guitar ( Summer Term)

Year 4
In year 4 children learn to play Recorder & clarinet ( Autumn & Spring Term)

Year 6
In year 5 children learn to play the African Drums ( Summer Term)