Children as Leaders

School Council

For many years we have had an active School Council which encourages responsibility, democracy and ownership. Every year?each ?class?selects a representative to sit on the council which meets weekly to discuss issues and initiatives to present to Mrs Murphy to make our school a better place.

House Captains

In Year Six, as part of the additional responsibilities given to the children are the roles of House Captains. These are very important roles in school.
Our Four Houses are Oak, Sycamore,?Willow?and Beech. ?Children across the school earn team points and the winning team has a special team treat at the end of each term.


The Ferns buddies?are made up of Year 6 children who support EYFS?children to encourage group play and promote positive friendships.? They model how to play a range of playground games and encourage the younger children to join in and have fun together.

Eco Schools

We have? a team of Eco Warriors made up of children from each year group throughout school. Their?aim is to improve the environment from within our school comunity.? The children have a number of responsibilities across the school such as: ensuring all classes recycle, composting of waste products and promoting healthy living.

The Ferns Academy magazine?- School newspaper

2013?saw the successful launch of our very first school newspaper!? The children apply for jobs as part of the editorial team and are then take part in an interview process.?The team meet weekly after school to plan, write, edit and redraft their articles ready for the final publication?which is produced half-termly and sold for 50p. ?